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White’s Spectra V3i Metal Detector Master Reset Process

If your V3i is noisy, chatty, or just generally “not working right”, the Master Reset process will generally take care of any instability issues. Before executing a Master Reset, determine if the issue is with just one program or all programs. If the issue is with just one program, it is suggested that the RESTORE process be executed for that program. This will restore that single program to factory settings, preserving the remainder of your custom setups. The RESTORE process is described in detail on page 46 of your Spectra V3i Owner’s Guide and on page 7-2 of your Spectra VX3 Owner’s Guide.

The following steps will execute the Master Reset process: (Note differences below for VX3)

  1. Turn the unit ON
  2. Press and HOLD the MENU button, then Press and HOLD the ON/OFF button
  3. You should see the “UTILITY MENU” screen appear
  4. Select MASTER RESET and press ENTER. DO NOT SELECT “CALIBRATION”. Selecting “Calibration” will require you to return your unit to the factory for recalibration!
  5. You should see the “MASTER RESET – DANGEROUS” screen appear
  6. Select the TOP FOUR items; (All Programs, Common, Library, All Other) using Arrow / Enter keys
  7. Press the menu button which will highlight the word “RESET” – lower left of screen
  8. Press the ENTER button. Wait about 5 seconds
  9. You should see the UTILITY MENU screen (Master Reset, Calibration) appear
  10. Turn the unit OFF
  11. Turn the unit ON
  12. Observe that all settings have been restored to FACTORY PRESETS

At this point your V3i / VX3 has been reset to FACTORY SETTINGS. All custom programs and settings are gone and must be re-entered manually.

The MASTER RESET PROCESS for the VX3 is identical to the above with the following exceptions:

Step 6. You will see “All Programs, Common, All Other”. There is no LIBRARY option for VX3.

Step 7. You will see a warning: “Reset Detector To Factory Settings. (Think twice before doing this.)”

All warnings / cautions for V3i are applicable to VX3. Proceed with caution.

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