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Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors Software Upgrade

Minelab has released a software upgrade for the Equinox 600 and Equinox 800 metal detectors. Using the Minelab Update Utility, users will be able to update their machines to the current software. Some of the upgraded features include Improved Silver Target Indication, Advanced Depth Gauge Indications, and general updates to bugs and other issues.

  • Silver Target Indication: IDs for silver coins on edge have been improved.
  • Depth Gauge Indications: The depth gauge is more accurate and stable at all depths.
  • General Updates: General improvements to the user interface and user profile functions.

The Minelab Update Utility will operate on MAC OS, Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. Download the PDF below for more information about the software update and instructions on how to install it.


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