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The Quest Scuba Tector Pro

Quest Scuba Tector Pro Metal Detector

Updated October 14, 2021

New and now in stock! The Quest Scuba Tector Pro Metal Detector. This is the most versatile and portable underwater metal detector made by Quest Metal Detectors.

The Quest Scuba Tector Pro is the perfect detector for any excursion involving the beach and water. Its patented dual hinge joint allows the unit to be folded in multiple ways. Fully fold for easy packing and transportation. When completely unfolded, it’s ideal for underwater detecting. With a 60 m submersion depth, you can even take it scuba diving with you! Semi-folded, along with extension kit, you have a great detector for the beach.

With three different alert modes –  vibration, sound, or vibration + sound, you’ll be alerted to metal, no matter where you go. The Quest Scuba Tector Pro has a larger battery, which is chargeable with the USB-C cable.

When compared to the Quest Scuba Tector, the Pro’s coil is 2 times larger, but the entire detector is only half that size when folded. With its portability and adaptability in water and beach use, we find this detector to be the perfect addition to any beach hunter’s metal detecting gear.

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One thought on “The Quest Scuba Tector Pro

  1. Teresa J Barrick says:

    Hi, new owner and plan to use in Mexico in a few days, but can’t get battery out to travel and don’t want to bust tab. Any suggestions? And any tips would be appreciated to this novice, especially in regards to possible leak issues I’ve read about. Thanks much!

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