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Surprise Shallow Find In Ohio

Me and my family made a trip to Ohio a couple of years ago to visit my wife’s dad and stepmom. Her stepmom got me permission there at an 1820 house. I was extremely excited to be there but little did I know a shallow pop can like signal ended up being my first military plate!! I’m from ND and these things just aren’t findable up here! It is an official Model 1872 sword belt plate!

By Sam S.



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One thought on “Surprise Shallow Find In Ohio

  1. Timothy says:

    Great Find!!! Funny that I found one last april aside a creek bed and slapped it out on a mound and thought it was a tomato paste…Mine was a 1851 pattern with german silver wreath that was supposed to be soldered on was missing..I been going back to try to find it..
    That is a wonderful one..Anytime digging up such a relic will make you remember it rest of your life..Congratulations!!.,.I noticed on youtube,many finding Colonial era coins all around Ohio,even in open fields…You must be in a great area…Salute!!! Luck for more goodies…

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