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Software Update for Nokta Makro The Legend is now Available

Nokta Makro - The Legend Metal Detector

The Legend has a software update available. This update includes:

1. Pinpoint function has been improved.

2. M 1 Multi Frequency parameters have been updated.

3. Audio alert for Automatic Frequency Shift (Noise Cancellation) completion has been extended.

4. Factory default Tone Break value has been changed from 11 to 10 in Park mode.

5. Ferrous Off Discrimination Pattern has been updated to reject IDs between 1-10 in Park & Field modes.

6. Threshold audio level has been increased in Gold mode.

7. Audio response during ground balancing in Gold mode has been updated.

8. Backlight levels have been re-configured.

9. Bugs have been fixed.

This latest update can be found on Nokta Makro’s site. Select Software Update, download your file and follow the instructions on the page to apply The Legend update.

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