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XP Metal Detectors

Based in Toulouse since 1998, XP Metal Detectors develops and manufactures in France innovative, high-performance metal detectors which have quickly become a reference among enthusiasts. Conceived of by our engineers in collaboration with our team of experienced detectorists, XP’s range of metal detectors has been designed to respond to users’ real expectations. Our products combine power, selectivity and ergonomics to strike the perfect balance between performance characteristics! Now with DEUS, XP has invented a new generation of metal detectors that offers a user-friendly design and optimal performance. It introduces you to a new exploring dimension, a deep, fast, light and fully wireless metal detector!

XP Deus Plastic Mounting Bracket Kit for Remote Control


XP Deus Search Coil Charge Clip for Recharging the Deus Search Coils


XP Deus Metal Detector Hardware Kit for Search Coil


XP Deus Metal Detector Replacement Backphone Headband


XP Deus Metal Detector Emergency Charger for Coil Remote & Headphones


XP Deus Metal Detector Velcro Strap for Arm Cup


XP DEUS Cable USB 3 Mini B Charge Headphone Remote and Search Coil


XP Deus Metal Detector Car Charger for Headphone Remote and Coil


XP Deus Metal Detector Camlock Assembly, Includes All Parts Shown


XP Deus Underwater Water Kit for LCD Remote or WS-4 Control Pod


XP Deus Metal Detector Standard 9” New Version Search Coil Cover


XP Deus Metal Detector Standard 9” Older Version Search Coil Cover


XP Deus 11″ Round Waterproof DD Search Coil Cover


XP Deus Metal Detector WS4 Support Mount Headphone Display to Stem


XP Deus Metal Detector Complete Set of Locking Replacement Handle Parts


XP Deus Metal Detector Silicone Rain Proof Wristband for the WS4


Underwater 8′ Antenna for the XP Deus Search Coil to Allow Submersible Use


XP Deus Metal Detector Extended Middle Stem to Extend Total Length


XP Deus Charger 110 Volt with USB 3 Cable – Charge Coil, Headphone, and Remote


XP Deus Cable USB 1 Mini B for Downloading the Latest Software Version


XP Deus LCD Remote Control Back-lit Display with Speaker


XP Deus Replacement Screw Securing the Deus Arm Cup to the Upper Pole


XP Deus Complete Full Telescopic Pole Assembly, Lower Stem, Arm Cup, Screws


XP Deus Metal Detector Lower Shaft / Pole


XP Deus Metal Detector Middle Pole


XP Deus Handle grip for Deus Metal Detector Stem


XP DEUS and ORX Metal Detector Hardware Kit for High Frequency Search Coils D01HF and DELLHF


XP Deus Top Part / Upper Piece of Aluminium Deus Detector Stem


XP Deus Metal Detector Replacement Arm Cup


XP Deus Metal Detector 13″ x 11″ Search Coil Cover


XP S-telescopic LITE Telescopic Pole Assembly


XP Deus Coil Cover for 9.5″ Elliptical DD High Frequency Waterproof Search Coil