Enhance your metal detecting experience with high-quality headphones from Serious Detecting. Our collection includes options from top brands such as Garrett, Minelab, XP, Nokta, DetectorPro, Killer B and many more. Whether you’re looking for basic headphones or advanced options with noise-cancellation technology, our selection of headphones will help you hear even the faintest signals from your detector. Browse our product category of headphones today and find the perfect option to improve your metal detecting success.

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Killer B

"Killer B" headphones are the result of one treasure hunter wanting to provide other treasure hunters with a high quality product at a reasonable price. We did not reinvent the wheel and we are not trying to sell some new gadget. All we have done is blend a very high quality set of industrial earmuffs, sensitive elements, wire, and electrical components into a great set of phones. No magic, no hype. Killer B's will deliver crisp audio with volume to spare.