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How To Re-calibrate Your Quest Scuba Tector

If your Quest Scuba Tector is consistently beeping or making 5 beeps when it is first powered on, it needs to be recalibrated.

To re-calibrate your new Scuba Tector please perform the following:

  1. Be sure there is no big metal interference around the Quest Scuba Tector.
  2. Power “ON” the Quest Scuba Tector.
  3. Power “OFF” and keep pressing the button and do not release until the LED lights are on.
  4. Move your finger away from the Power button.
  5. Two (2) beeps your re-calibration was successful.
  6. Five (5) beeps and your re-calibration was not successful.
  7. Repeat Steps 1-4 again till successful re-calibration.

One thought on “How To Re-calibrate Your Quest Scuba Tector

  1. Skyler says:

    thank you alot, havnt used it in a year because i didnt know how to recalibrate

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