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Garrett Pro-Pointers compared (II, AT and AT-Zlynk) – the 6 main differences

In this review, we will be comparing the Garrett Pro-Pointer II, AT and AT-ZLYNK by Garrett. All three pinpointers are excellent products with some important differences.

Most notably if you are looking for a waterproof pinpointer, the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT and the AT Z-LYNK are waterproof up to 20 feet (6m) whereas the Pro-Pointer II is weatherproof/splashproof.

For some who are using the Garrett Z-Lynk wireless system having the pinpointer connected with your headphones might be an excellent option so you don’t have to worry about taking off your headphones when pinpointing and hearing the sound from the PinPointer crystal clear. The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT-Zlynk provides the integrated wireless option.

Both the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT and the AT Z-LYNK have Fast Retune for Mineralized Ground which allows you to tune out the detection of saltwater, wet sand or highly mineralized ground.

The Pro-Pointer AT and AT-Zlynk have three Sensitivity settings and two detection settings: Audio-plus-Vibrate or Vibrate-only (silent). They also have a handly little Ruler with inch/cm markings on the side of the pinpointer.

Lastly, the color. Both the Pro-Pointer AT-ZLYNK and the Pro-Pointer AT are orange, hence their nick name ‘Carrot’ or ‘Garrett Carrot’. You might not think much of it, but when you put your pinpointer on the ground, having it bright orange allows you to see and find it quicker and more importantly IF you walked away after finding your treasure being able to locate it again due to its bright orange color! The Pro-Pointer II is here at its disadvantage due to its black color.

Favorite from the three

Our personal favorite of the three is the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT pinpointer. It’s a pinpointer that performs very well, is waterproof, we love the color and has been finding our treasures ever since it came out. If you have a Z-LYNK system like the Garrett AT MAX or perhaps the Z-LYNK standalone wireless system, definitely pick up the AT Z-lynk pinpointer as it is nice to hear your pinpointer through your headphones.

(There are also complete kits with the AT Z-LYNK pinpointer, Headphones and Transmitter so you can use it on any metal detector)


Pro-Pointer AT Z-LYNKPro-Pointer ATPro-Pointer II
Z-Lynk Wireless TechnologyNoNo
Proportional Audio
WaterproofYes, to 20 feet (6m). IP 68Yes, to 20 feet (6m). IP 68No. Weatherproof, splashproof. (IP 66)
Total Weight6.5 oz (0.2 kg) w/battery6.5 oz (0.2 kg) w/battery6.5 oz (0.2 kg) w/battery
Power9V (included)9V (included)9V (included)
Warranty2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
Vibration pulse for target indication
360° side scan detection plus pinpointing tip
Fast Retune (quick-press to shrink detection field)Use quick Power off/on retune method
Adjustable sensitivityNo
Lost Pro-Pointer alarm
Automatic power off
Ruler with inch/cm markingsNo
Lanyard attachment loop
Automatic tuning at turn-on?
Patented scraping blade
LED light
Operating Temperatures-4º F (-20º C) to +130º F (54º C)-4º F (-20º C) to +130º F (54º C)-4º F (-20º C) to +130º F (54º C)
Web holsterIncludedIncludedIncluded

Let us know in the comments what your favorite pinpointer is!

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