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Garrett AT Max – Musket Ball Mold Found Next to Colonial Stonewall

I was given permission to hunt around my uncle’s property in northern Vermont. The property has a number of colonial era stonewalls surrounding fields and wood lots. I knew after digging a few square nails the area may provide something special. Amongst the nail bed my Garrett sniffed out a strong tone I’d been waiting for. It wasn’t long after cutting the plug that the target I was searching for was before my eyes. A few gentle rubs to clear the dirt revealed an incredible musket ball mold. It is one half of a scissor type mold. As of yet, I’ve been unable to date this relic. My guess is approximately mid 1700s. Is it civilian or military? Any input would be greatly appreciated. It was found in the spring of 2019. Essex, Vermont.

By: Thomas K.

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