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Minelab PRO-SWING 45 Harness Metal Detector Support


Minelab 110V NiMH Battery Charger for FBS Metal Detectors


Minelab Armrest Repair Kit for GPX, Sovereign GT and Eureka


Minelab Search Coil Hardware Kit for GPX, Excalibur II, Sovereign GT and Eureka


Minelab Koss UR-30 1/4″ Headphones


Minelab Battery Pack (blue) Alkaline


Minelab Tool & Finds Bag


Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Spares Kit w/ J-Strut Bungee R-Clip Velcro Strip


Minelab Handle Repair Kit for GPX, Excalibur II, Sovereign GT & Eureka


Minelab Lower Fiberglass Pole for various Minelab Metal Detectors


Minelab Battery Pack (blue) NiHM


Minelab Hip mount Bag (New Style)


Minelab 10″ X 5″ Elliptical Coil Cover / Skid plate (Eureka Gold)


Minelab 220V/230V/240V NiMH Battery Charger


Minelab 10″ Elliptical Goldsearch Coil


Armrest Kit (fits Eureka Gold, GPX, Sovereign and other Minelab Metal Detectors)


Minelab 12V NiMH Car Charger


Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Harness Replacement Strut & Crossbar Kit


Minelab 8″ FBS PRO Coil w/ Cover & Carbon Fiber Lower Rod


Minelab 11″ Round Goldsearch DD Search Coil for GPX, GP & SD Detector