Best detector for Gold Nugget hunting in streams

Many of you would like to go out Gold Nugget hunting in streams or other places water places. Minelab came out with a great coil for finding Gold Nuggets and find gold under water.

With your X-TERRA 705 the High Frequency Coil of 18.75kHz which is very well suited to search for smaller targets that would fall into the ‘difficult to detect’ category. These would generally be tiny thin targets and small jewellery made from various gold carat make-up, gold rings and in Europe, small thin low-conductive ancient objects and medieval silver coinage. However, there is a slight drawback using the higher frequency coil, as it can cause more ‘eddy current excitement’ in rusted iron objects.

So what do you do?

Treasure Tracking – iPhone App

Treasure Tracking is an exciting new app for metal detecting enthusiasts. This amazing new iPhone app contains everything you need to capture the moment of your memorable finds. Relive the excitement when you log the GPS coordinates, include personal notes and store your favourite detecting discoveries.

Exciting Features:

  • Add New Finds: Write notes, take a picture and record your favourite finds.
  • Field Guide & Manual: iPhone access to the Minelab E-TRAC field guide and instruction manual. Knowledge at your fingertips!
  • Patterns & Modes: Your time is precious. Access quick reference information for best results.
  • Map: Record GPS locations of your finds allowing you to track successful hotspots.
  • Gallery: Use your iPhone camera to create a unique library storing photos of those special discoveries.

To download Treasure Tracking for free click the Treasure Tracking App store button or click here and follow the links.


Factory reset your Minelab Metal Detector

There comes this time when you cannot figure out why the machine isn’t doing what you’d like it to do.

In these cases please remember to perform a Factory Preset. This will return your detector to the settings that it contained from the factory.

On the GPX series of metal detectors, turn on the detector by pressing down and holding down the power switch. Keep holding the power switch until the factory preset tune is played and the factory preset menu is displayed. At this point you can decide whether you will reset ‘All Settings’ or just the current mode. To reset the whole detector choose ‘All Settings’ or if you are experimenting just select the current mode. Note that anywhere you see the text FP in a small box relates to the factory presets.

On the E-TRAC metal detector, turn on the detector by pressing and holding the power button until the Reset message appears on the screen and the tune plays. Note that some stored information or personal settings are not reset after a factory preset. If you are sure then go to the bottom of the Preferences menu (spanner icon) and select ‘Master reset’.

E-TRAC metal detector

On the X-TERRA Series of metal detectors there are some different collections of settings that can be reset. To return your settings to their factory presets, press and hold the Menu/Select button and then turn on the detector by pressing and releasing the Power button. During the start-up sequence release the Menu/Select button. ‘FP’ will be displayed on the screen to indicate that the settings have been returned to their Factory Presets. Consult your manual to reset the discrimination settings or mode settings.

On the Explorer series of metal detectors simply turn on the detector by pressing and holding the power button until the Reset message appears on the screen and the tune plays.