Serious Detecting Donates a portion of the Metal Detector Sales to TFMDRF!

We are announcing a special holiday incentive for the time period spanning November 15th 2011 – January 31st, 2012.

The goal of this incentive is to raise a significant donation for the Task Force to assist them in their efforts of defending our public lands & Waterways for Metal Detecting. 

During this time period any detector purchase made for the below listed detectors will increase our donation to the TFMDRF!

TFMDRF stands for Task Force For Metal Detecting Rights Foundation with a Mission Statement we can all stand behind- “It is the mission of the Task Force for Metal detecting Rights to perpetuate the responsible enjoyment of the pastime of recreational metal detecting within all public parks, open lands and waterways“.

Visit their website at to learn more.

Our donations are as follows:

Metal detector We donate
Minelab GPX5000 $50.00
Minelab GPX4800 $50.00
Minelab E-TRAC $25.00
Minelab Explorer SE PRO $25.00
Minelab Safari $20.00
Minelab Excalibur II 800 / 1000 $20.00
Minelab X-TERRA 705 & X-TERRA 705 Gold $15.00

Minelab GPX Series for Civil War relic hunting

Minelab GPX Series metal detectors are not only highly capable of detecting gold at great depth, they are also excellent for finding US Civil War relics deeper than any other metal detector. This is especially true in mineralized ground. In this video learn how to set up a GPX Series metal detector for hunting US Civil War relics.

Watch the video “GPX Series for Civil War relic hunting” on

Saving the Sayre Barn documentary

Saving the Sayre Barn documentary is about the ground breaking collaboration that the Artifact Detecting Team, founded by Barry Small, developed between the metal detecting community, historical museums/societies, and local landowners. It’s a partnership that allows the historical societies to raise much needed revenue, and provides an opportunity for metal detectorists to explore land that was previously unavailable to them.

Watch the video “The Saving the Sayre Barn documentary” on

Which pinpoint mode should I use on my E-Trac

Normal mode is good for rapidly and automatically narrowing the audio response of a target.

Sizing mode is better when you want more control and don’t want the detector to vary its baseline. The baseline is set by the operator when entering pinpoint. This is good for mapping a consistent outline of a target. It can also be useful if working in trashy ground when there are issues with adjacent targets.