Seawater setting for the Minelab CTX 3030

Salt being conductive is essentially like a big target, but Minelab’s BBS and FBS technologies have been known to handle salty conditions extremely well, and FBS 2 now takes this a step further. Located in the Mode menu, Seawater is a new specialist setting designed to optimize the performance of the unit when searching in salt water, with the biggest benefit being seen when the whole unit is submersed. Simply put, with Seawater selected the CTX 3030 will run smoother with less falsing, allowing you to set a higher manual Sensitivity setting – so depth is optimized while retaining stable operation. While testing it at a local beach, I found that it also had some merit when working the water line, as the extra stability meant I could increase the Sensitivity setting to improve depth, and found that I could sweep the coil faster than I normally would without sacrificing depth or accuracy of the ID’s. For all the CTX 3030 beachcombers and shallow waders out there, this is like getting the perfect Christmas present you didn’t even know you wanted!

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