Minelab E-TRAC vs CTX 3030 Comparison Chart

Minelab E-TRAC vs CTX 3030 Comparison Chart
ProductMinelab E-TRACMinelab CTX 3030
ApplicationCoin, Relic, Jewelry & BeachCoin, Relic, Jewelry, Beach and Underwater to 10ft (3m)
Integrated GPS-Yes
PC EditingXChangeXChange 2
PC Mapping-XChange 2 (with Google Maps)
Wireless Audio-Yes
LCD ScreenGreyscaleFull Color
Discrimination35 Fe x 50 Co35 Fe x 50 Co
Target Trace-Yes
Trash Density / Target Separation(2) Low Trash & High Trash(4) Low Trash, High Trash, Ferrous Coin Separation and Ground Coin Separation
PinpointNormal and SizingNormal and Sizing with Target Trace option
Reject Cursor-Yes
Tone IDYesYes
Tone ID Profiles-Yes
Automatic Ground Balance-Yes
BatteryNiMH / AA (or use RnB Innovations Li-Ion)Li-Ion / AA
TechnologyFBS, SmartfindFBS 2, Smartfind 2, GPSi, Wi-Stream
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