17th century coin out of the San Francisco Bay from Minelab Success Stories

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It’s interesting that these coins were found around 100m apart (and a couple of years).

The San Francisco Bay was discovered by Europeans (Spain) back in 1769, and both coins predate this discovery. If a Chinese ship made it into the bay prior to 1769, that would be very interesting. But there are many other possibilities as to why these relatively old coins were found at the same bay site.

As with the E-TRAC, I’m very pleased with the CTX 3030.

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Good Things Come When You Help! from Minelab Success Stories


When we got to my house and I washed the brass object off my eyes almost popped as I could see the words Abraham Lincoln! I knew immediately what it was as I have seen pictures of a couple others that had been dug. It is the 1860 Presidential token/medallion that had the tintype photos of Lincoln and his running mate Hannibal Hamlin inserted. Of course after being in the ground for at least a hundred years the tin types were rusted out but still I was pleased with this historic item!

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Pile of yellow in the scoop! from Minelab Success Stories


Pine said he was going to be there as well and he was. I am a touch taller so I was able to get a touch deeper but it only yielded a few clad coins. after a bit my arm was throbbing and I went shallow so my shorts could dry. Pine and I were chatting and swing pretty much next to each other when he got a signal we both thought was going to pan out to be nice. But it ended up being a bling earring. About 10 to 15 feet away I got a foil signal on the Excalibur II and figured it was going to be another foil safety seal from a bottle. Well I shook the scoop and saw the glimmer of a GOLD pile in the scoop. I think I shouted at that point. Well it is a SWEET 26in 15.3 grams (total weight) 14k chain and Dolphin pendant. I ended up with $4.44 in clad an earring and GOLD!!! Just awesome!!!


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The SDC and Me from Minelab Success Stories


If you’re looking for a prospecting machine that can go anywhere, ignore hot rocks and hot ground while sniffing out the smallest of nuggets, then look no further. The SDC lives up to the hype and then some. This machine will become a staple in any prospectors tool set. I’ve nicknamed named mine “Ole Blue, The Skunk Chaser” because I have yet to get “skunked” while using it. 

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2.5 oz Monster Nugget with the CTX 3030 from Minelab Success Stories

Déjà Vu -- this has happened before and it was just as exciting!!  I quickly called Mark over to take control of the camera while I popped the nugget out of the ground. We got the final dig  live on video.   I finally ‘popped’ the nugget from it resting place and went crazy when I realized it was at least 2 ounces in size.  A nice chunky nugget with a lot of character! My largest nugget ever found ( 2.5 oz) and I found it with my Minelab CTX 3030.  What a great machine!   I own a Minelab GPX 5000, which is the cream of the crop when looking for gold, but the three largest nuggets that I have ever found were found with the CTX 3030!!

The rush and excitement of the find is why I love detecting so much.  The finds are just a bonus!!

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Metal Detecting Fair from Minelab Events

05 Sep 2014 - 07 Sep 2014

Metal detecting club - Burgas and Bulgarian National Federation of Metal Detecting is pleased to invite you to attend Metal Detecting Fair from 5th - 7th September 2014. 

The event is organized by the Burgas metal detecting club and was held for the third consecutive year. 

The fair is the direct connection to Bulgarian consumers metal detecting equipment and accessories, as well as guests from other countries. 

Venue: Bulgaria, Burgas, Kraimorie 

For more information and booking:   info@metaldetecting.bg



12.00 Hr.

Opening of the Metal Detecting Fair – Burgas 2014, presenting the official participants of the event. 

13.00 Hr.

Special presentations and testing new models of metal detectors produced by companies participating in the fair.

18.00 Hr.

Tests and competition with Metal Detectors prepared by the hosts and participants.


10.00 Hr

Testing of metal detectors on the beach.

12.00 Hr

Special presentations and testing new models of metal detectors produced by companies participating in the fair. 

17.30 Hr.

Tests and competition with Metal Detectors prepared by the hosts and participants. Demonstration.


12.00 Hr. Closing.

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SDC 2300 – Experiences from the Arizona Goldfields (Part 2) from Minelab Treasure Talk

Chris Gholson

Chris Gholsion expert metal detector operator showing gold that he has found with a metal detector

The following day I returned to the patch and decided to stay out of the main “run” and instead focus on the fringes of the patch that were covered in heavy scrub. The thick oak brush and Manzanita made it virtually impossible to work with a large diameter coil. The constant snags and hang-ups were beyond frustrating, but this brush provided the perfect hiding place for a few more nuggets. By the end of the day I left with scratches on my arms, but not empty handed. Careful searching produced four small bits of gold for a total weight of only 0.5 grams; the deepest of which was roughly four inches. The SDC’s 8” monoloop coil was easy to maneuver around the brush, and its solid design kept it from getting snagged on the many low hanging branches. I feel it will be a good choice for working most of the central Arizona goldfields. 

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FIRST FIND from Minelab Success Stories


So, trip planned, caravan hooked up and off to Victoria I go. I meet up with a guy from QLD and we camp in a State Forrest near Stuart Mill for 3 days. He found his first piece with a VLF (non Minelab) on the 2nd day of about 1gr. He had been in the GT for 10 days and commented that I had at least another 8 days to go before my first find.

We moved on to camp in the forest near Tarnagulla and on what was my day 5 were on the diggings at Wet Gully near Waanyarra and only 5 minutes after starting for the day, I got a target signal. I scraped the leaf matter with my boot and signal gone, "another bullet" I thought, but I thought I would check anyway. After picking up the signal again and halving bits of dirt, there in my hand is my first piece of colour, a nice shiny 0.2gr nugget, off the surface, without any digging. I halved his time and we had a laugh over a beer as I stirred him up about that.

Although only a small piece, it vindicated in my own mind, upgrading to the GPX5000. After parting ways with the guy from QLD, I moved on to Avoca and found 3 more pieces of gold, the last being a 0.8 nugget that was about 15cm in hard ground, for a total of 2.2gr. All finds were with the Minelab Commander 11" mono coil. 

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2 Platinum &1 Gold Ring Recovered! from Minelab Success Stories


The beach where she was at has about a 12ft steep slope at low tide from the high tide line. Got down to the beach around 6pm and met with Vivian. Put in a short 20 minute hunt and was able to recover all 3 rings, which were located right at the top of the high tide line slope. 2 Platinum and 1 White Gold all with diamonds. I honestly got the impression that the owner wasn’t expecting that the rings would actually be found, lol. Recovering lost precious items is my favorite part of this hobby!

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Gold coin 'Uspenka' from Minelab Success Stories


Every summer I visit my parents with my young son. And in the last year - we were visited by passing a group of people with metal detectors. I shared with them the history of our village, and they in turn offered me to use their equipment. In the search I was given 3 hours (that is how much they need to have time to stay, as they were heading to another historical site. I understand a little bit with the instructions, started to search. Turned out, I had to just 20 minutes. Under the pines, in the yard of the house-I found my own little treasure. I was glad of this find still unknown to me, as a child and my son too. coin We brought our home, it was almost round because of resin adhering to it. little coin, after a little effort gained his face. On it we were able to see the profile of Nicholas II.

Unfortunately it is poorly preserved, but we were able to read the year and nominal- 5 $. 1899. I'm saving it as the most precious thing in the world. Time is fleeting, and who knows how long and often I still be able to visit my parents, but the memory will stay with me forever. I'm really looking forward to the next expedition, and continue to study the history of their village and the former manor estate.

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