The King of the Sea from Minelab Success Stories

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But the Excalibur II is easy to use and i began to found things more and more interesting
Less than one week after my first hunt, i found 2 gold rings in just 2 hours! AMAZING!
My first gold rings in my life time!!!

I think all the people were able to hear my scream of joy under the water! And few days after i found my Jesus christ gold ring! Oh my Gosh!

And just two days after an 25 cm 18 K gold chain with a gold cross (Ankh) !!! Right in the scope!! and my last found a beautiful white gold ring 18k! It’s so unreal; so easy, so cool to hunt in the sea with the Excalibur II !

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Last Signal of the Day from Minelab Success Stories

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Just thought I would share this with you good people as it comes from my just outside my home town of Winchester in Hampshire UK, This was the last signal of the day as my trusty Minelab Explorer II was playing that last post tune, saying I'm about to die on you any second as my Battery is flat. It had been a good day out in the fields with some nice finds to go home with. But the last signal just blew me away.. I film most of my finds with my Apple iPhone so I can show my friends what a find looks like as it come out of the ground & this one was no exception, I had taken the clod of earth out & started to check the ground with the pinpointer I was feeling with my fingers in the hole in hope I could feel what it was that made my Explorer II sound off at..

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Find of a lifetime from Minelab Success Stories

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Hi my name is Joe. I went out detecting at a park me and all the Pittsburgh detectorists have hit before looking to find old coins we pulled lots and the park was said to be hunted out. so me and a friend matt went anyways. I was just working my way over to matt to see if he wanted to change spots when I got a 10 31signal on my E-TRAC at 5in so I dig it’s a 5$ gold coin and a hotel Lewis token in the hole blew me away. so that’s the find of my life. Matt has vid of find on YouTube MetalDetectorMatt68 channel.

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Minelab SDC 2300 from Minelab Success Stories


I have recently purchased a Minelab SDC 2300 from Pilbara Prospecting Supplies and left for a short trip to the Pilbara.   

I am writing because I am so impressed with the machine and its performance.

Within minutes of tuning and using it, I found my first small nugget of gold. As I hadn’t been prospecting for approximately 8 years I was quite surprised and thought someone had missed a piece.  

To my amazement, I found another 8 small nuggets within another 30 minutes. Obviously others had missed this little patch. I moved onto an area that I knew had been well worked, even with the Minelab 5000 series. To my amazement, I again started picking up small pieces of gold.  I thought to myself, this is some machine. 

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Wedding Ring Lost in Waves is Found from Minelab Success Stories

Ring Find.jpg

Darren and Michelle were over the moon when they heard the news in the morning that their ring had been recovered 10 days after it was lost. They are not local to this area having been on holiday but they were keen to make the journey back to collect their lost wedding ring. It was decided to meet on the beach where it was found and they were able to tell me in detail of the moment it was lost and I the moment it was recovered. They explained that on the day it was lost a group of friends had searched for 3 hours in an attempt to recover it.

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Roman statue from Minelab Success Stories

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We said goodbye and I walked with detector on towards my car at the border side, and on the spot where we all walked a few times and met at the start i received a beautiful loud tone....and digging 32 centimeters deep i did the found of my life....a bronze roman statue. I search for 32 years and this was my happiest metal detecting moment of my life...
I reported the found to the Archaeological service for identification, and this came back.

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£1m 'perfect' US threepenny bit from the time of the Pilgrim Fathers found with Minelab Detector from Minelab News

Minelab Detectorist John Stoner dug up the extremely rare New England coin in a field outside the village of King's Clipstone in Nottinghamshire.

The extremely rare New England coin, bearing the date 1652, is expected to sell for up to £1million when it is auctioned.

It has been hailed as one of the finest examples of a currency produced in the days of the Pilgrim Fathers in a land that would become the United States


More ...

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17th century coin out of the San Francisco Bay from Minelab Success Stories

17th century coins.jpg

It’s interesting that these coins were found around 100m apart (and a couple of years).

The San Francisco Bay was discovered by Europeans (Spain) back in 1769, and both coins predate this discovery. If a Chinese ship made it into the bay prior to 1769, that would be very interesting. But there are many other possibilities as to why these relatively old coins were found at the same bay site.

As with the E-TRAC, I’m very pleased with the CTX 3030.

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Good Things Come When You Help! from Minelab Success Stories


When we got to my house and I washed the brass object off my eyes almost popped as I could see the words Abraham Lincoln! I knew immediately what it was as I have seen pictures of a couple others that had been dug. It is the 1860 Presidential token/medallion that had the tintype photos of Lincoln and his running mate Hannibal Hamlin inserted. Of course after being in the ground for at least a hundred years the tin types were rusted out but still I was pleased with this historic item!

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Pile of yellow in the scoop! from Minelab Success Stories


Pine said he was going to be there as well and he was. I am a touch taller so I was able to get a touch deeper but it only yielded a few clad coins. after a bit my arm was throbbing and I went shallow so my shorts could dry. Pine and I were chatting and swing pretty much next to each other when he got a signal we both thought was going to pan out to be nice. But it ended up being a bling earring. About 10 to 15 feet away I got a foil signal on the Excalibur II and figured it was going to be another foil safety seal from a bottle. Well I shook the scoop and saw the glimmer of a GOLD pile in the scoop. I think I shouted at that point. Well it is a SWEET 26in 15.3 grams (total weight) 14k chain and Dolphin pendant. I ended up with $4.44 in clad an earring and GOLD!!! Just awesome!!!


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The SDC and Me from Minelab Success Stories


If you’re looking for a prospecting machine that can go anywhere, ignore hot rocks and hot ground while sniffing out the smallest of nuggets, then look no further. The SDC lives up to the hype and then some. This machine will become a staple in any prospectors tool set. I’ve nicknamed named mine “Ole Blue, The Skunk Chaser” because I have yet to get “skunked” while using it. 

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