Minelab Metal Detector Showcase from Minelab Events

28 Nov 2015 – 28 Nov 2015

FREE Metal Detecing Event


Where – Hyatt Lisle near Naperville  1400 Corporetum Drive, Lisle, IL 60532, United States

When – Saturday November 28th 2015 from 1.00pm -5.00pm

Expert Speakers:

  • Chicago Ron (Local detecting expert)
  • Andy Sabisch (Author & Expert Trainer)
  • Chuck Smalley (Expert Minelab Trainer)


–          Try the latest in Metal Detecting equipment

–          Buy a metal detector for Christmas

–          Talk to metal detecting experts & authors

–          Bring your metal detector for expert advice

–          Detector Giveaway Every Hour of the Show! 


A Great Way to spend Thanksgiving weekend!


If you miss this event, come and visit the Minelab Showroom MON-FRI.

1938 University Lane

Lisle, IL 60532

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1714 coin from Minelab Success Stories


Good morning I just wanted to show you this I found the coin 1714 in the Bahamas with a minelab 1000 the gold came from rings I found in Florida and Roatan Honduras on vacation.. I love my old minelab thank you for making a GREAT metal detector…


Morris – Texas, USA

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Log Book from Minelab Success Stories


Started detecting on April 2013 with a CTX3030 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Moved to Australia & started detecting in Adelaide, SA on August 2015. I keep a Log Book & record how many hours I detect, what I find, where I find it & any history I can find out about anything I find. Great hobby, love It!


Heather – SA, Australia

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Battle between Excalibur II and CTX 3030 from Minelab Success Stories


I returned this time in sea water in the search for a lost ring from a friend and this time I alternated to great Excalibur II the trust Ctx3030 …
The depth of about a meter and a half meters and with boots fisherman I started to scour helped by GPS every inch the area … for a while nothing special ..then came out the same old coins from 200 lire, or Euros penny and then all in a restricted area less than 4 rings !!!
Of these only one is in 18Kt ,one is plated and the other two are stainless ….
(now I have recovered in the area around ….. 8 5 with three Ctx with Excalibur !!!)
the famous ring which I still try anything ..but not defeated ..must be there somewhere … the Ctx and Excalibur lmi help you find it I am sure !!!!
Thanks to this time Ctx3030 !!
Minelab really the best brand in the world !!!


Daniwolf69 – Tuscany, Italy

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The Treasure Hunting Dream from Minelab Success Stories


We returned to that site with our X-TERRA 305 many, many times and continued to find beautiful pieces of history but none greater than on that hot summers day where we transformed our treasure hunting dreams into a reality, a reality which has inspired me and my brothers to follow the detectors path for many years to come.

Jake – Queensland, Australia

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From the sand … always beautiful things .. from Minelab Success Stories


This morning I was at sea, searching for a link in a friend lost … in a meter and a half meters of water (which I still have not recovered ..)
This output is the second in the water with my new Excalibur II …
Put your suit and equipment are switched to "scour" an area where I think it's hidden and where I recovered several coins .. (10 cents, 20 cents, 50 centsesimi, a euro, two euro ..) in a couple other outings with my Ctx ….
After recovering even some older 200 and 100 pounds .. !!! .. and after a coin two rubles .. !!?, Check here almost in succession a ring with Roman numerals .., cute but I think steel? then a faith women in white gold (7g) .. !!! and then another steel ring? …
How can they say the owners of other metal that the Minelab Excalibur II is not the best metal underwater ??
Thanks again
Minelab !!!!


Daniwolf69 – Tuscany, Italy

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De Detector Amateur from Minelab Events

31 Oct 2015 – 31 Oct 2015

On October 31 we have a members day in Reutum, Near Ootmarsum (Overijssel).

08:30 to 09:30 – Doors open and registration 
09:30 to 10:00 – Opening by organization 
10:00 to 12:00 –  1st Competition 
1:00 p.m. to 13:30 – Baby Contest (tbc) 
14:00 – 16:00 – 2nd  Contest 
16:15 to 17:15 –  Prize ceremony and Lottery 

Registration fee
• Members:  € 15, – per person   • Family members of DDA paying members pay the membership price of € 15, – per person.
• Non-members: € 20, – pp

Non-members are welcome. Entry in advance is not necessary!

For more details please click here

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GO-FIND Series Product Review from Minelab News

GO-FIND 40_LHS_350px.jpg

The American Digger Magazine recently published a great product review article from Britain Lockhart and John Velke on our GO-FIND series. Click here to read the article. The American Digger Magazine recently published a great product review article from Britain Lockhart and John Velke on our GO-FIND series.

Click here to read the article. 

More …

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Find of a lifetime ! from Minelab Success Stories

minelab-ctx-metal-detector-finds-rare-Queen Cyneryth Portrait Penny.jpg

When i wiped away the sandy soil I was speechless I had found a mint Saxon Penny and I mean Mint! I was made up this was the best thing I had ever found but it was going to get better because little did I realise my coin was extremely rare, only a Queen Cyneryth Portrait Penny ! Only nine of these have ever been recorded. We told the land owner who was delighted. The coin will be sold and is expected to bring a considerable amount of money. This will be shared equally between myself and the land owner and I guess I owe my fiend a pint too. Hopefully then I will be able to buy myself a new detector.


Shaun – England, UK

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Oldest coin find for me ever !!! from Minelab Success Stories


Today I ventured off passed Goulbourn with my dad and my friend I finally stopped off at the small church that we have been researching for a few weeks dates back to the early 1800s after a long day of detecting I finally came across a fight of a lifetime a great old coins which I never thought I would ever find an 1826 British bullhead showing after a long day of detecting I finally came across a fight of a lifetime a great old coin which I never thought I would ever find an 1826 British bullhead shilling for me this was the best find and I could not of hope for a better day ❤️


Sam – Australia

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1781 Spanish Silver from Minelab Success Stories


So after about 7hrs of hunting and sweating, mainly from detecting farm fields back and forth, back and forth, in almost 90 degree heat with full gear on. Man was this a nice surprise!
It’s my third one this year and like I said, what a welcomed surprise!


Westmoreland Detecting – Pennsylvania, USA

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Who said Minelab detectors can’t find steel coins? from Minelab Success Stories


The sensitivity setting will depend on which coil you are using. If you are using the stock 11" coil or the 5 X 10 Coiltek coil a setting of 5 will be good but if like me you want coverage and use the 17" bigfoot coil a setting of 3 is preferred. This way you are only scanning the ground to a depth of 2"to 3" on coin sized objects. A quick wave of the pinpointer over the target will confirm a surface find or some deeper iron object. Over the last three days hunting at a local park i have recovered a total of $112.85 this way. And three silver rings as a sweet kicker. The photos are the clad totals from the three days of hunting.


Bruce – British Columbia, Canada

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Animals also collect their treasures! from Minelab Success Stories


During one of my prospection with my CTX3030, I noticed a competitor who was prospecting in an open pit gold field, collecting yellow mini nuggets and he had full pockets!

A bit later, another gold jewelry & diamonds lover was pinpointing his beak to recover my ring.

Fortunately, the animals do not have a Minelab, otherwise the competition would be fierce.

The day has not been good only for our animal friends, as a medieval coin "Billon" alloy of silver & bronze, made my CTX 3030 chirp).

Loic from Nord Pas de Calais – France

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Hammered coins from Minelab Success Stories


Recently I obtained a 17 inch coil for my Minelab CTX3030 this proved to be absolutely phenomenal on pasture land. However now the harvest has taken place I took it to all my favourite sites. One that was harrowed nice and flat revealed 5 silver hammered pennies in one day. So back I went and in just over three weeks I have had 24 silver hammered coins from the same field. To say I’m stunned is an understatement I usually get this amount over a year. My hammered score this year as a result has shot to 46 coins. Thank you Minelab once again for providing a brilliant experience through the sheer quality and performance of your products. Best to you all Jules.

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1st outing with my ctx from Minelab Success Stories


after a hour or so we only had a few buttons and pieces of lead to show for our efforts so i decided to head down to the road side of field 10 mind in i had a low grunt but was only 3 inches i thought this has to be foil imagine my joy when out popped a tiny little Elizabeth the 1st hammered get in my 1st hammered with the ctx something my mate had been waiting for and still is with his ctx lol. we carried on for a hour more then decided to call it a day. you could imagine the banter from my side on the way home.

Wayne – England, UK

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Success in the GT from Minelab Success Stories


At around 16 inches another tree root things were now getting difficult, I continued using a plastic scoop scraping as I couldn't get the pick in. I then hit what looked like compacted river gravels, my heart started pounding, I thought surely can’t be trash. Scraping the gravel with my scoop what appeared to be a familiar gold speck. Ran and grabbed my bottle of water and proceeded to splash and clean yes there appeared a nugget sitting vertical in the gravel. I scraped around with my pocket knife ever so gently and managed to gently pry the nugget loose. In my hand was a little beauty my first major find with the 4500 after having it for 2 weeks. My first thought was I have paid for the detector, great investment. After giving the nugget a quick clean and weighing it came in @ 36grams, I thought to myself I have finally joined the ounce club. Below is the shot of the nugget in its natural state, and after it has been cleaned. I hope my luck continues and more stories like this come out of the GT.


Tryhard1968 – Vic, Australia

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