1913 choir medal from Minelab Success Stories


I walked down to a local park not hoping to get anything special. I had been there for about 2 hours and hadn't found anything but junk. I got a 44 signal, dug down and at eight inches and got this amazing choir medal from 1913! I couldn't find any information on it as there were only 120 made (it says on the back). It was made in Newcastle (England). I have been metal detecting since I was 12 (2 years now) and this is for sure my best find so far. You may go for hours without anything good but don't give up because you might just find something amazing….


Jacob – NSW, Australia

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Coin pouch in the forest from Minelab Success Stories


I went into the forest close to a location that I've been hunting a lot. This was the first signal i got within 2 minutes of detecting! I searched for about 2 more hours, but I found nothing other than rifle casings and rusty nails.
The location nearby used to be a gathering location for the European traveling people/gypsies called "tatere". This coin pouch was probably lost way after this time, and I don't know what kind of people that might have lost it, but that's one of the mysteries that comes with this hobby "who lost this item?

This was found with the wonderful CTX 3030!
It kicks trough the dirt and finds me the treasure that's hiding there!


Batbatbox – Aust-Agder Fylke, Norway

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The Powers of the CTX 3030 from Minelab Success Stories


I have been using the CTX now for a couple of months and found that customising the machine to suit the fields I am working really does make a difference. I made my own Pattern and running on combined tones and after two trips out this week have found these wonderful silvers. The seal was from the beach a few weeks ago. Thanks again Minelab team.


Mally – England, UK

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CTX 3030 Success from Minelab Success Stories


Recently I bought a 17 inch coil for my CTX 3030 in the hope of extracting more finds from some of my pasture sites…This time of year most people are restricted to pasture in the UK due to many sites being under crops…..previously I had searched the area with the standard coil but with the ground getting drier targets had decreased…..However the 17 inch coil renewed the site and I reckon I was getting at least 5-6 inches extra depth….I found a door or casket key escutcheon plate at what wasn't under 16 inches down in the soil….I also found a stunning Pipe Tamper in the form of St George killing the fabled dragon and a few days ago a marvellous Elizabeth the 1st silver shilling at around 14 inches down (must remember to take some sort of accurate measuring device) Since I had been working this small site for 8 months on and off I was clearly getting extra depth…. and as for small targets how did the 17 inch coil perform on these? Well an 8mm.button of the Royal Artillery dating to 1810 answers that one. Build quality and performance what more does one requires for our hobby? Attached are some of my finds, hope you enjoy them. Thank you Minelab as always….


Jules – English, UK

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THE WELSH AXE HEADS from Minelab Success Stories


Since we started the club 4 months ago we have now found a total of 16 bronze age axes which is pretty amazing. The first 11 coming up in the hoard in abergavenny, then one in cowbridge,1 in trecastle,1 in brecon and the 2 last week in merthyr tydfil. Wonder if we'll get any more by the end of the year?


Harpo – UK

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Dragon Ring from Minelab Success Stories


Within 3 minutes I was finding old pennies then it was starting to get dark so I worked my way back to the car. Then I got this nice sound belting out my headphones so I said to myself this is the last hole of the day I dug a hole at about 7" and out popped this little ring my heart was pounding with excitement so off I drive home to clean the ring and this is how it cleaned up.

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5th Dragoon Guards from Minelab Success Stories


The 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, the 5th Dragoon Guards, the 7th Dragoon Guards and the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons. All four were raised between 1685 and 1689, during the protracted contest between James II and William of Orange for the English throne.

Both the 4th and 5th Dragoon Guards were formed in 1685 from Troops of Horse raised by James II to defend London from the invasion.

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GPZ 7000 gives me my first nugget from Minelab Success Stories


That all changed last weekend. I had been detecting all day, trying a few different areas I had selected all to no avail. I set off to my final spot only to find a fallen tree over the forestry road. Not having a 4WD, I decided to try a spot I had seen on my drive in. It was almost time for me to leave as the sun was getting low but as usual I just had to give it one more go. I had only been in the spot about 10 minutes when a signal nearly blew my headphones off. I figured it was probably trash but I would have a look anyway. I had only dug down about 10cm and the 7000 was screaming. I got down all ready to remove a piece of iron when low and behold there was a yellow object looking up at me. My first though was it had to be a bit of gold foil. That soon changed when I picked it up! Gold! I finally had gold! It weighed in at 15.55 grams. Not bad for my first piece.
God I love my Zed!


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The earth gives good results ….. from Minelab Success Stories

minelab metal detector finds treasure.jpg

The other morning
I went to look for items and coins with a friend in a pine forest that we have already explored over time and even infested with trash and metal tabs from cans after " probed " the ground in a fairly wide signal Go Find 60 was perfect ..!!
third notch tone and flashing Hi 1 …….
…decisive use of pinpointer I reconfirmed that was an interesting object to dig ….
here digging the soil appear this beautiful cameo silver think old 30 40 years ago …
Thanks Minelab and thanks to my new GoFind60
( which parallels his older brother Ctx3030 … )


Daniwolf69 – Tuscany, Italy

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Silver during Famine Times – 705 Strikes Again from Minelab Success Stories

minelab metal detector finds silver coins.jpg

It is always great to get a new permission to hunt on especially when it is just a few minutes’ drive from your house.

The landowner met me and my friend and showed a genuine interest in History in general and specifically that relating to the local area. After a chat of about half an hour he also said that we would be granted permission on the neighbouring fields which were owned by his brother. What a great start to our day even before we had got our trusted X-Terra 705’s out of the car.
The fields were set in with beautiful scenery and with the grass freshly cut and the sun out it was excellent hunting conditions.

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A Little GPZ Gold – Part 1 from Minelab Treasure Talk

Steve Herschbach


This year has not been going exactly as I imagined it would. My stated goal for the year was to set a new record for days in the field detecting. So far however, it has been anything but that. No complaint – I have been devoting myself to visiting family and other things that took precedence over prospecting. Weather has also been a bit dodgy this spring leading me to sit out things a little waiting for better conditions.

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My First Look at the GPZ 7000 from Minelab Treasure Talk

Gordon Heritage

Gordon Heritage metal detector professional

I was really eager to get my hands on the new GPZ 7000, as a lot of the functionality was borrowed from the CTX 3030, a machine I know well. I was particularly interested to see the improvements made to the CTX 3030 features and related products.

Read Chris Ralph's Blog Examining the GPZ 7000 Menu and Display System to see his comparison of the CTX 3030 user interface to GPZ 7000.

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Medievial Figure from Minelab Success Stories

minelab metal detector finds ancient figure.jpg

I was out detecting on a friends land for only the second time using the E-Trac after switching from a Explorer SE.Still trying to get to grips with it and was told by friends who are E-Trac owners "any decent 2 way signals dig them until you get used to the detector".I had been wandering for a while when i got a very clear stable signal. When i dug the square of pasture i saw what i thought at first was just a smooth chunk of lead i was very wrong. I lifted the item out of the soil and turned it over to see it had what looked like eyes. I put it in my pouch and thought no more of it till i got home and started to remove the remaining soil with a tooth pick.It turned out to be a figure of some description. Once the soil was off i gave it a gentle brush to reveal all it's glory literally!!. I took some pictures and emailed them off to my local finds liaison officer who was rather excited. I took the figure up to the office where it was record and sent off to be looked at.I got a call on 11 June to say the figure was back after being recorded and it is post medieval and is dated between 1700 – 1850.The figure was given the name ROD for reasons that are clear in the pictures. The figure can be seen by going onto the Portable Antiquities Scheme website and searched for with the following ID number DUR-DB1036


Stuart – England, UK

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Holly bush fete from Minelab Success Stories

minelab metal detector finds treasure.jpg

Hi there my name is Michael I attended the holly bush fete on the 6/6/15 with my wife and kids as I am a veteran myself as we were looking round the stalls my kids asked for their face painted to which we were told there wasn't any but there was a metal detector stall so we all went round and my kids had a shot and they both loved it my little man liked the fact he found treasure so after they had a shot we went away and the kids wanted to go have another shot before we left so we all went round and my kids were having a shot and my wife thought she would have a go and they loved it so a thought a will have a wee shot a was finding loads a coins but not silver lol so a shouted to the staff that I had found it the silver coin so they all ran and was like really and j was like no sorry but I was joking about saying I will find it just having fun with every1 and just before a was going to hand the detector bk I heard a beep so I was like that's it every1 that's my silver token and when they dug it up it was the silver coin and when a told them they was like a don't believe u lol until I showed them the magic silver coin I had the biggest smile on my face as a was messing around and I stumbled across the coin. Also just to say that the go find 40 is a brilliant piece of kit easy to work and use.


Michael – UK

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