How to Find Buried Treasures through Metal Detecting

First ask yourself, what kind of treasures are you looking for? In terms of finding the best metal detector, consider the type of materials that you hope to find, then identify the detector that is best suited to the job.

There are two very general categories of treasure hunting that apply to the typical hobbyist or enthusiast. These two categories are distinguished based on the technologies used to help you discern your finds.

Metal Detectors for Coins, Silver, Jewelry & Relic Hunting

In terms of the first group of targets, ferrous and conductive properties are measured in order to discriminate between trash and treasure. So in addition to simply detecting the presence of an object, the signal will indicate whether the object is potentially of value and what the likely properties are…learn more

Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors

Gold detecting can be extra challenging due to high levels of ground mineralisation. This means that non-gold particles are in the ground that are highly magnetic. In order to discern gold targets from these other magnetized particles, superior ground balancing technology is required when the key goal of metal detecting is gold prospecting…learn more


Dual purpose detectors are available which allow for both types of detecting…learn more

Next, consider where you will be metal detecting in terms of location >